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The Story So Far…

In the beginning, everybody advertised on print, tv, radio and outdoor and then came along the internet.

They asked for a page for themselves. Then they wanted more pages for themselves, and their cats and dogs as well. Soon even companies had pages and more pages (called sites) which people used to visit, so other companies wanted to advertise on them. Very soon there were so many pages and sites that it was difficult to keep track of them and they had to search for the ones they wanted.

As they were searching for what they wanted, people wanted to help them get exactly what they wanted while searching by making sure their site would show up in the search. Since everyone was doing that, they then wanted to ensure that users get to know about their site by showing ads alongside the search results. Soon everybody was searching and clicking and everybody was happy. All those who were happy wanted to tell others about their happiness on the internet and otherwise, so they decided to write about it. This seemed to be a good way to tell everyone about the things that made you happy, and sad, emphatic, depressed, troubled and what not. They also wrote about their experiences and others seemed to listen and respond to what they could relate to. They also wrote about their experiences with products and services, which made the manufacturers and service providers wake up and want to know what people were writing about. In between all this, users were coming across all sorts of things they liked and loved, and they wanted to tell everyone they knew about the things they loved so now everyone wanted to have something which people would love and tell others about. Since we just couldn't give up the whole society thing, and frankly it really was so difficult keeping in touch with everybody, communities were formed where you, me and everyone we know were present and were telling each other what we were up to. All this while, when everything was happening on the internet which people accessed through their PC's. Macs, & Laptops, mobile phones had transformed from simple communication devices to entertainment and information platforms. Whenever they were not talking or texting, they were playing games, listening to music and watching videos. And then they started surfing the web, downloading applications and subscribing to services. So now, everybody wants a page for themselves which can be accessed on a mobile device.

Now that brings us to the question, are you ready for new age advertising?

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