We look for the 'BIG idea' which is clutter-breaking and extendable to ANY platform. We are not exclusively digital. Once the 'idea' rocks taking it to tv, print, radio, ooh and other screens is an inherent part of the marketing strategy.

We are a full-service digital and mobile marketing company and consummate communication strategists. We are leaders in delivering end to end digital marketing campaigns and pioneers in design, development and technology. We work across brands, media owners, advertisers, publishers, aggregators, content providers and operators. We use online and mobile solutions to offer reach and local targeting along with an understanding of user groups.

We are borderline film buffs and engage 'tribes' using social media. Unpaid media, online reputation management tools and engagement models. We also do brand sponsorships and co-branding using digital properties and offer unique merchandising for brand promotion.

We pride ourselves on 'community management' and are shameless Indian adaptors of the international 'Online Community Manager' model.

Now that brings us to the question, are you ready for new age advertising?

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